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Bleus vs Blacks 24 octobre 2011

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Voici ce qu’écrivais aujourd’hui le Guardian à propos de l’équipe de France de Rugby :

In many ways, even in defeat, this was the French at their best, slowly swelling in confidence through the first half and practically bursting with defiance in the later stages as they refused to accept the general assumption of their opponents’ superiority.

The way they responded to the haka, with a novel formula devised in their hotel yesterday morning, provided the night’s first drama. Forming up in an arrowhead inside their own half, with their captain at the tip, they waited until Piri Weepu was halfway through leading the All Blacks’ performance before beginning a slow advance towards the halfway line and eventually, in contravention of the established protocol, a few yards across it.

In everything they subsequently did they were bold, they were brave, and they were nobody’s idea of losers, even when the winners were queueing up to receive their medals. They were France, recalled to life, and you had to love them for it.

Et d’ajouter à propos de deux des meilleurs joueurs de cette finale :

Thierry Dusautoir 9.5

Has there been a better performance by a player on the losing side in the final? His hits could be heard above the noise of the crowd and he outfought McCaw – there is no higher tribute.

Imanol Harinordoquy 9

His third World Cup – France’s player of the tournament. Won eight lineouts, forced turnovers, tackled everything in black, handled like a back. A lion.


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